10am in Santa Fe by Alice-Catherine Jennings

           —After “4 A. M.” by Kenneth Fearing

There they were, four girls in a line braiding
     each other’s hair,
a pleasant photo at an exhibition last night.
I can’t get the girl—the one in back —the one
from Ethiopia whose hair was not being
     touched by another

out of my mind. What a puny mood I’m in
this morning. I prepare a cup of coffee
     (pressed with cream)
and spread the newspaper on the table.
A senator has passed and so too a playwright
right next to: corruption, collusion &
     Argentine graft.

On and on and unresolved
the brink of nuclear war in Korea.
I feel empty until I turn to the photo of the abused
Chihuahua (now rescued). He crouches
     on twig-like bandaged legs.
His little ribs stick out through mangy fir.


Alice-Catherine Jennings is a poet-reader-medievalist. She earned her MFA in Writing at Spalding University. She is the author of the chapbooks "Katherine of Aragon: A Collection of Poems" (Finishing Line Press) and "Notations: The Imagined Diary of Julian of Norwich." After years of being a nomad and 6 months unhinged, Alice-Catherine is now settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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