CCTV and The Beach Laird by Seth Crook

A wheatear scans the beach, scrutinising the high seaweed,
looking for larvae and flies. Not as pale as the dried sand
or as dark as the slumped-bladderwrack; with no heron-height,
no smart ring neck or stylish, orange oystercatcher bill;

no corncrake crek, gull squawk, harrier wing, curt honk, or high,
winnowing snipe dive: he's so easily missed. Except
by a camera turned by chance. Appearing (in blow-up)
to be the proudest thing, “This is all mine” he seems to say.


Seth Crook’s poem have mainly appeared in print, but many have appeared in online e-zines. For example, poems can be found at Ink, Sweat and Tears and Algebra of Owls. He can also be found in many editions of Antiphon and Snakeskin and elsewhere.

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