FASHION by Michael Akuchie

A dress chooses me.
The orange it carries talks my eyes into popping out.
I take up time in the changing room. Mother is bored over glossy magazine & calls out.
I do not move while my mind remains tied up with this clothing.
I breathe out a reply & remain rooted.
I am a boy leading body into a dress, frilly enough for my taste.
I come out unchanged. The dress compliments an already existing status.
There are sneers coursing through the air. Store girls giggling.
Mother eats up shock. She guilts her body into tears.
I demand inclusion. There's a tiara nestled on my head as I grin.
I'm a queen sized angel. Mother starts to see & lightens up.
I demand inclusion. Three more dresses want my body for keeps.


Michael Akuchie is a Nigerian young adult writer and dreamer. He has work on Barren Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, Ghost City Review, Eunoia Review, Agbowo Art and elsewhere. He studies English at the University of Benin, Nigeria.  He is @Michael_Akuchie on Twitter. 

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