Faults by Finola Scott

Windswept, Dad points out Paddy’s Milestone,
as I sway and peer on tiptoe over the rail.
Hollow Ailsa Craig keeps its head up.

The rock’s blue-hone granite’s gone
for polished stones that swoop to curl ice.
Puffin and gannet squawk for footholds.

Mum tells how Finn McCool hauled lumps
to hurl at Scotland. Below deck, red-faced
Orangemen bellow practice for their march.

Water remembers upheaval. Volcanoes ripped
this crust, birthing continents. Beneath
this ship lie rifts, the sea bed torn asunder.


Finola Scott’s poems are widely published including in Gutter, The Ofi Press, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Prole. She won this year’s Dundee Law poetry competition. A performance poet she enjoys reading in special places such as the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Rosslyn Chapel by candlelight and in the Scottish Parliament.

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