Feedback by Ian Murray

In front of Customer First
a tree strung down like Gulliver
carries promises like a year
of shining eyes. Like an earthbound
rocket ship awaits a future
day it’ll be empowered to go live.

There’s been a cull of leaflets.
A board of takeaways used to squat,
in crude colours of past decades.
Instead of focussing the camera
locks on a uniform button
that looms large and hazy as a planet.

Time is spent on pastel walls
and seats to revamp pallid themes
front of house. Outside that space
facade reflections spawn grotesques.
Cars turn around in polished dark
with resized shapes to fit a mirror world.

Surveys show how more and less
can be the same, squared with questions
led along flowchart corridors
where generations of statements
have been processed and sense-checked
and data fields are harvested like trust.


Ian Murray has worked as an archivist and librarian. His work has been published in Northwords Now and on the Federation Of Writers (Scotland) website. He has produced books on local history and articles on aspects of Scottish history while continuing to dig and sift.

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