Flash Fiction Competition #1

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The results are in!

All of the submissions were a joy and an honour to read, and it was incredibly difficult to pick just three! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted and congratulations to the lucky ones! It is my pleasure to present the winners below:


1st Prize
Il Bambino - Sean Cunningham

  As a very young child, before I could even speak, I would recreate masterpieces on my mother’s living room walls, in crayon.


2nd Prize
The Sweetest Fruit - Diana Devlin

  They had always put a satsuma in each other’s Christmas stocking. Kate’s husband had been adamant that such traditions were what kept their marriage alive.


3rd Prize
Worth It - E.K. Reisinger

   The voice had the growl of a career cigarette smoker, the sweet scent of whiskey filled the taxi cab as Aryan Bhatt’s next fare settled in the backseat.

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