Ghost of the Maestro by Elly Farrelly

I sometimes wonder which kind you would be:
not the flaccid flapping sheet with painted eyes
nor the headless knight who wanders endlessly
through solitary castle walls.
I think of you more as the graveyard type
with tangled hair and clumps of earth
clinging to your unironed shroud
leading them all a merry Danse Macabre.
Bringing the rattling bones in right on cue
beating time as the banshees rise
their voices joined as one
in a hellish howling crescendo.
Because that’s what you’ve always done.
And it wouldn’t be like you to let
a little thing like Death
get in your way.


Elly Farrelly lives in Glasgow and works in education. Her poems have been published in journals including The Glasgow Review of Books, Message in a bottle and Atrium and have been included in three anthologies. As well as writing poetry she is also a songwriter and performing musician. You can find more of her work on:

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