Intermittent Contact by Ian Murray

I’ve read the chronicles of monks that caught
first the fiery edge of sight, the trembling, then
a vacant stare as parchment seas drew back
and fervent rays cooled and left a world to night.
And felt modern notes, from antipodes, resound
like history unearthed in a huddled flat.

Then I recall the grounds of Jodrell Bank.
The scholar sat in his chair in the park.
The lights went up when that talk was cut
in the loneliness of the growing dark
that embraced a dish set up to display,
even receive, the universe in a narrow way.
But now, even if no effects are spared,
my mind is on scenes the greater world forgot.


Ian Murray has worked as an archivist and librarian. His work has been published in Northwords Now and on the Federation Of Writers (Scotland) website. He has produced books on local history and articles on aspects of Scottish history while continuing to dig and sift.

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