Issue 1 – Contact

The front cover of issue one
Issue 1 - Contact



Case 63247 by Rachael Tierney

Contact Death by Milos Katchin

Electrozoa by Robert Boucheron 

Lost in Translation by Jeni Fraser

Mothertouch by Greta G

Skin Blind by Tess Hunter

The Watcher by Lorna Fraser

Zero Days by Caitlin MacEwan


Calling by Kirsty A Niven

Dreaming by Rachael Tierney

Green by Beth McDonough 

Intermittent Contact & Feedback by Ian Murray

Isla and Hypnos by Gordon Meade

Laundry Day & Leachkin Road by Lynn Valentine

Night Walker by Jay Whittaker

 Lovesick by Ellen Kirkman

On Byres Road by Laura-Jane Woods

Skin to Skin by Andrew McNeil

Slipping by Gerry Stewart

The Green Dress by F E Clark


Lord Octalian, First of His Name by Thomas King

Detail from Daily Painting, 27th June 2017 by F E Clark

March Emergence by Seth Crook

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