Issue 2 – Journey

The front cover of issue two
Issue 2 - Journey



Goodbye Percy by Gillian Ainsworth

Family Gathering by Brenda Gvozdanovic

Missouri Mayonnaise by Tess Hunter

North by Morag McDowell-Smith

Summer Hysteria by Greta G

That One Time You Were Saved by Samuel J Fox


And Though It Goes On by Tessa Foley

Tranquility O Juniper Green by Alun Robert

Faults by Finola Scott

We Were Wolves by Kaleb Tutt

Moniack Washing Line by Lynn Valentine

Harbour, Harbour by Kelly Heard

Standard Class by Holly Magill

M6 by Sarah J Bryson

Outer Space and Kansas by Matt Mason

Satellites Navigate by Maxine Rose Munro

Five Stages by Ellen Kirkman

Paradise Shared Unequally on a Train by Juliet Antill

Road Trip Through Grief by Caitlin MacEwan

Sailing to Indo-China: to Paul Éluard by A. C. Clarke

Slowly into Spring by Seth Crook

Swimmin Baths Expedition by Alun Robert

Glass Flicks by Maxine Rose Munro

The Tartan Shawl by Gillean Somerville-Arjat

Death by Jordan Merenick


Herald by Thomas King

Two Black Dugs by Lynn Valentine

A Rogue at Rogie by Caitlin MacEwan

Memories in Store by Al Myer

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