It’s Time to Kill the Jester by Kaleb Tutt

The acrobatic jokester hides himself
beneath the creaky floorboards
of your childhood home
Copper bells rattle
Hanging on the tips of his
Rainbow felt hat
He made you familiar with the
Quiet terrors of
Corporeal shadows

Dear mother, dear
Father, please
Believe me, he’s right
There, laughing, giggling
They never believe.
Delusions, dreams,
It’s just
all in your head, kid

Fingers poking through
Termite holes
Tickling your soles
As you walk through the
Valley of the shadow of
Unrelenting evil
Keep your scared eyes
Open, sharpen the kitchen knives

Slice off mocking fingers, let
them flop around the
floorboards, writhe around in
Hot red blood
The jester’s time is
over now


Kaleb Tutt is an author from south Louisiana. He was raised with wolves, ran a wolf sanctuary with his family, and occasionally writes about them. His dream is to be a narrative designer. Find him and more of his work on Twitter @KalebT96.

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