Kali and Her Lover by Susannah Violette

you liken it to the cutting of a throat
it’s more like slicing a vein, (she said)
releasing all that suffering, (she said)
said Kali to the man in her bed

(he said), take off my arms
like the limbs of a gnat
take off my spindly legs
even my nipples, my groin and loins
before taking my precious head

but your head!

(she said)

your head!

such knowledge and emotion
such worship Oh! such devotion!

in the church of my bed, I will eat your head
and throw its bone to the ocean - oh!
you will never feel so alive, (she said)
as in the moment you die, (she said)

spunk, shit and pee
surrender to me, bow
get on your knees!

great Kali brandished a blade
in her powerful hand,
it was an old pirate’s cutlass
(one she had left gutless)
and he knelt, bowed his head, prayed

his begging now quiet,
he played her game, (he knew)
what he found in surrender, (he knew)
was a thrill, so tender
his heart, pounding loud, aflame

she chopped of his head with an almighty
took it off at the root, cut the tendons
strapped it to her body, a gruesome oddity
drank his blood and sucked his brains

he found, at her murderous hand,
great Kali lead him to new land
filled with light
each moment, delight
as his life poured away, like sand...


Susannah lives in the endless forests of Germany with her husband and two daughters. Nature is the blood of her work. The animals both within us and outside of us fascinate her and her poems become liminal spaces where the edges of these worlds blur.

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