Lovesick by Ellen Kirkman

I love you.

I let the words trickle
like an intravenous drip
in to your veins.

You are starved
sick, desperate for attention;
you drink me in
devouring my senses.

I am blinded by you.
Your brightness in my bleak world
outshines all that is close,
and I am consumed by light.
My only desire is to be near your warmth,
to feel the fire in you that has ignited.

I am deaf to the warnings
from friends
from family, who fear for my safety:
my sanity.
They can no longer reach me.
There is no touch that could calm me
or reassure me that I am whole
without you.

We are one.
If there was room,
I would crawl beneath your skin.


Ellen writes poetry, flash fiction and short stories, recently achieving some success in the literary world of competitions and publication. Links to some of her work can be found on twitter @poeticnihilist. In her spare time, she is a Lecturer of English.

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