Memory from Moonlight by Bridget Eileen

It's not easy to say goodbye when you're tipsy
from kissing. All you can think about is bare shoulders
Then you breathe through your nose, up later
than you should be, restless in your cute pyjamas
Pretty sure this is the sort of one who'll suit
you just fine, no matter the trouble, the business
of the past, this will go down easy, everything okay
Calm peace love joy, dawdling in the morning
giving those little nibbles on your earlobe that clap
your heart like thunder, you don't even ask
to kiss each other, you just stand and dance
in the middle of the sidewalk juiced
up on wanting, such sparks -- a dijon
kind of flourish to your skin, spicing
up the brain, glowing from memory by the moonlight
at the window sill


Bridget Eileen is a Pagan Plus-Size Pinup Poet who lives in Providence, RI. She grew up in the Boston area, and she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the great state of Maine. She is a poet, but also writes journals, picture books, and blogs. Her online arts and culture notebook is at Her DIY fashion blog, “Vintage Bridge Style: Retro Fashion on a Bohemian Budget” is at Her poetry has been published most recently in Stone’s Throw, Hineni Magazine, and Reality Beach. She is an organizer of the long-standing Boston-area poetry festival, The Boston Poetry Marathon. You can also find her at

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