Night Walker by Jay Whittaker

I give up on sleep. Outside, I walk
away from electric glare
into moonlit monochrome.

Fluttering wings
an owl’s contralto
circling widely overhead:

right ear, left ear. I sense
presence: a tabby at my heels,
as pleased as me for company.

I crouch, stroke — claws needle
as it crawls up my arm, drapes
itself in the nape of my neck,

and that’s enough to stand up
taller, fearless in the pitch,
Leviathan with purring feline head.


Edinburgh-based Jay Whittaker’s debut poetry collection, Wristwatch, was published by Cinnamon Press in 2017.  She performed at the StAnza international poetry festival 2018, and has been widely published. / Twitter: @jaywhittapoet.

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