oil spill rainbow by Adedayo Agarau

the sun set late in Abeokuta / i saw god
probably mapping new route into the dark / the
sky, littered with paper birds assuming the shape
of kites, spreads above little girls painting
the evening with songs
while the priest prayed for calm / a car
full of children drowned in Kuto / a church
withered like failed promises / a fragment
of words / jesus must have been sleeping
in the ship of this city // then, there came
a rainbow mocking the promises of god.


Adedayo Agarau is a student and poet hoping to make the world a little better with his words and photography. He has works up at Barren Magazine, Geometry, Glass poetry, 8poems and elsewhere. He is the author of For Boys Who Went. His manuscript "Asylum Chapel," is coming to light for publication and looking for a good home. Please connect with him on twitter @adedayo_agarau and on Instagram @wallsofibadan, where he documents the beauty and pain of his Nigerian city home.

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