On Byres Road by Laura-Jane Woods

Eyes that dance with silent laughter
There you stand
Lighting up the grey afternoon on Byres Road,
To be entertained.
I steal an unwitting glance, put it in a locked box alongside
A first tear, a flick of hair, a sea view of Skala and a coral
coloured fingernail.
Secrets hoarded away. I shall not share.

From the Oran Mor to the Botanics
We walk in balmy hues
Capturing each moment, immortalised,
In your camera roll.
And I watch you. A headshot. Named from the silver screen.
Somewhere ice-cream bells play silvery tunes
Of Pachelbel’s canon.

From Byres road to Kelvingrove we retraced steps
Made months earlier;
This time in earnest
Without the rain we wander, side by side
Carmen dances beautifully
Arresting you
And I know that feeling well, snap my own instamatic shot
Listening to the music that pours from your mouth
Each word a new note for this coda.


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