Satellites Navigate by Maxine Rose Munro

Quick whip left off a road
we had thought would take us
to end point, but we do as we are instructed
and follow two blue ribbons
that cut valley deeper, sharper
than I have ever seen.

Our road departs river and we climb
gentle at first, twist, turn, rise, over, up.
Helix takes us further than I would have thought possible.
How my ears don’t pop I don’t know.

Now we are driving in the sky.
Shortened vision allows all to loom
then vanish before glanced.

Three minutes and we are out,
another five and back on our original road
and for all the rest of our journey I think:
look at those clouds, miles high,
we drove our car in there.


Maxine Rose Munro is a widely published poet, including in Northwords Now; Glasgow Review of Books; Pushing Out the Boat; and The Eildon Tree. She has also published poetry in her native Shetlandic Scots, most recently in Poetry Scotland and Three Drops from a Cauldron. Find her here

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