Skin to Skin by Andrew McNeil

Shirt off, mother resting
In pain, relieved, tired.

He is mine now,
Biding on ma bare chest, legs going like pistons
A new-born ruby limpet.

Like his big brither
A generation ago nativity
All time seems to run through.

Wiser, richer, stronger?
Hooks I brush away
Still shirtless.

He kicks and looks and kicks
And looks and kicks away.


Andrew was born in Toledo, Ohio, USA and holds Dual Citizenship (and would dearly love that to be an American-Scottish duality!) He was brought up, and still bides, in Fife. He studied at Edinburgh University for his first degree and subsequently at various faculties and colleges for work related to education. He is a well-published poet and is working on a collection that needs targeted and completion! You can find more of his word on his website.

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