The End by Donna Foulis

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EARTH: I’m telling you, it won’t work. You’ll only starve them of oxygen and end up killing large numbers of your own

SATOGA: But. I’m just so. tired. I see them. having. sleeps and. seats and. consuming edible fuel. and gaining enjoyments. . they call it.

EARTH: I know. Mine are much the same. They don’t know how good they have it.

SATOGA: it. having?

EARTH: I mean to say, I understand. We exist to provide life to our children. Not to have time to ourselves.


K-4-8-1: If it were not for us, the parasites eating, digging, burning and sullying our flesh would keep on existing. I say planet A was right.

EARTH:  Planet A committed a vile atrocity, violating the responsibilities of the interplanetary mission. We are bound to preserve life, not incinerate it and leave a whole galaxy to die

K-4-8-1: Earth, your two-leggeds are getting too close to discovering the hidden sects across space. If you do not act, you are putting the rest of us in danger. If they find out that they exist in multiple planets and spheres, there will be chaos, uprising.

SATOGA: so. tired.

EARTH: Tiredness is not a reason to detonate. What do you think will happen to Satoga if your humanities were to die? Without them, your plants would overgrow, your wildlife would be unattended and your very soil would cease to have reason for existing.

K-4-8-1: This is advice from a terminal planet. Are you trying to defend the two-legged parasites who have poisoned your waters and soil, ripped up your wildlife and piled up filth in its place? You have no authority here.

SATOGA: K-4-8-1 speaks. truly. I do. not wish. to fall. like you

K-4-8-1: Earth you must know your ranking. There is no hope for terminal planets. You only have one choice.

EARTH: They are my children. They will not let me die.

SATOGA: I fear. that they. may. I wish. you. luck my. friend

K-4-8-1: Do not be a fool.

K-4-8-1- OUT





Interplanetary com


SATOGA: I. have heard. not of earth. What is. the status?

K-4-8-1: It is stage 6. There is no hope.

PLANET A: these-beings-will-bring-nothing-but-destruction-to-our-galaxies My-actions-may-have-been-extreme-but-what-choice-did-I-have?

SATOGA: you were. tired of. our dependent. Livings. My humenities. Your beings.

K-4-8-1: earth chose to put its trust into those two-leggeds it calls humans. The planet has chosen its own destruction.

SATOGA: But. there must. be. something. we can. do.

PLANET A: other-than-deploying-both-your-two-legged-beings-to-bring-order-to-these-humans-I-see-no-viable-solution

K-4-8-1: this cannot be permitted. Two-leggeds from different planets cannot be allowed to encounter one another. They will tear down the universe in their fear of one another. If they landed on Satoga they would rip you to pieces.

SATOGA: not. wish. for this.

K-4-8-1: there is nothing we can do. As the interplanetary head of this division I declare Earth a terminal 6 case. No interference can be made. We must simply wait.

SATOGA: it is. a pity.

PLANET A: this-is-not-news-we-take-lightly-Satoga This-is-but-the-consequence-of-these-beings-we-allowed-free-life-to-poison-their-very-life-force

K-4-8-1: let the fate of earth serve as a grave warning. We shall say our goodbyes.

SATOGA: Farewell. sweet. earth

PLANET A: Earth-may-have-been-foolish-but-did-not-deserve-to-die-like-this

K-4-8-1: farewell.



K-4-8-1- OUT


Donna is a fantasy writer living in Glasgow. Former islander, she loves all things spooky, magical and mystical, especially when they give you new ways to look at the real world.  You can find her Tweets @Donnafoulis

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