Urban Vampires or Townies by Zac Thraves

They live among us
dine on our entrails
they shop in Primark
to blend in
they spend mornings in Wetherspoons
to build an appetite
they stare out the window
vultures glare
they speak strange tongue
and fast
pockets of English fall from lips
they dip fingers
into yolks of fried eggs
they smother meat
in ketchup
their smiles reveal
dancing maggots on yellow teeth
they walk with a limp
down dim back alleys
they wait for the sun
to fall


Zac Thraves is a writer and performer based in Kent who has grown from a deep love of movies from the 80's. He has some fiction books available on Amazon and has most recently found success with poems, which is another love. Zac lives with his partner, has two children who he used to read to, yet now reads and tells stories to audiences in the South-East as his children no longer require a story...for now.

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