We Were Wolves by Kaleb Tutt

The long night
We lied in wait
Rehearsed, trained
Iditarod, our sharpened claws
Gained traction in
Splintered ice

The skyscraper glaciers
were so much
Bigger than us
Crumbling, shattering
Chunks of ice broke at our
Feet, we ran
Faster, we
paid no mind to
The Antarctic ice
Splitting in two

Momentum, all fours
Every iota of
Our tired bodies
The alpine leap
great chasm
Tumbling across the other
Side, in muted pain
We did it, we


Kaleb Tutt is an author from south Louisiana. He was raised with wolves, ran a wolf sanctuary with his family, and occasionally writes about them. His dream is to be a narrative designer. Find him and more of his work on Twitter @KalebT96.

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